in the beginning..

I began my search for all things Roydhouse in 1983 after my Mum,  Jill nee Roydhouse died.The previous year, she had made a comment about Roydhouse Street in Subiaco, Perth, and how given that it was a fairly unusual surname there had to be a connection to her family, but as far as she knew that family were all in New Zealand.

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2 thoughts on “in the beginning..”

  1. Hello there – I’m Arthur Roydhouses grandson in Auckland, and we’re fascinated to have stumbled into this site – can we talk more offline?

    1. Hi Robert,
      Welcome aboard!!
      I am excited to hear from you, my claim to the Roydhouse clan is through Arthur’s brother Francis, who I just blogged about this week, as my great-grandfather. Arthur is another ancestor who I was delighted to be able to write about, such a great guy!
      All of which makes us second cousins once removed
      Happy to talk via email if you like,
      regards, Cathy

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