John Charles Roydhouse It’s all his fault..

My mothers Great Uncle John was born in Wellington,New Zealand in 1869 to William and Mary Johns Roydhouse nee Jordan.
When he was a year old his family moved to Greytown, where his father tried various occupations before returning to journalism and newspaper ownership.
John was a keen sportsman, and participated in walking races and hurdles, and played cricket and football for local teams. He was also a member of the Fire Brigade in Greytown.
It is believed that he travelled to South Australia with a team-mate to play rugby, and a double wedding was celebrated in December 1891 with the Thomas sisters.

His work in Adelaide was poorly paid, and with a wife and two children to support he decided to follow the gold rush to Kalgoorlie. He had a wooden barrow and he walked the 2,000 kilometres, which included  crossing the Nullabor Desert. He spent a few weeks looking for gold, but with no luck , so he walked to Perth in search of work in his trade as printer.

He gained work at the Government Printing Office, and by 1902 had his wife and family of three sons in Subiaco, West Australia.

Photos: Grace c 1895; John c 1925

John and Grace had three sons:
Jack, b 1892 Adelaide, South Australia
Alan, b 1894 Adelaide, South Australia
Noel, born 1902 Perth, West Australia.

In the 1903 electoral Rolls John is entered as living in Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Perth, and his occupation as compositor/printer.
In 1912 the family built a 4 bedroom house in Townsend St, Subiaco.Their eldest son Jack enlisted in WW1 and was Mentioned in Dispatches and completed his service as a Captain. The two younger sons saw service in WW2, in the Army and Air Force.

 L-R: Jack,Noel, Alan

John held a seat on the Subiaco Municipal Council for many years and became Mayor of Subiaco for a period of three years between 1926 and 1929. It was for this service he had a street named after him in Subiaco, Perth.

John was 62 when he died on the 3rd of July, 1931.

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