Muriel Crawley

I chose my great-grandmother Muriel for this post about  longevity mostly because I am using this year and the Challenge to thoroughly document the Roydhouse family. Next year I will work more on my Dads side of the family, where under this topic I would have two ladies  to write about.

Muriel Blanche Crawley was born on the 25th September 1883 in Carterton, New Zealand, the eldest daughter of John and Helen [nee Cadenhead].

She attended Belvedere School, Carterton between 1888-1890, and then Carterton School until 1896, with her four brothers Bertram, Rupert ,John and Harold and sisters Mary and Alice.

In May 1905 she married Francis William Roydhouse at St Marks in Carterton, New Zealand.

Their first child ,William John, was born later that year.

The first of three sets of male twins were born next:

Donald & Malcolm December 1909, then Muriel Blanche, the only daughter was born in 1910.

Rupert & Cedric followed in 1914, with  Howard (Chick)and Frank  in 1916.

The photo below is taken on the Ruamahanga river near Greytown 1914/1915 :

L-R river side : Francis; Malcolm; Muriel jnr; Donald; William

L-R background: Pram contains either Rupert or Cedric; Muriel Blanche sitting, and mother-in-law Annie Roydhouse holding the 2nd twin.

Between 1914 and 1919 as a result of a Physical Education Instructor teaching appointment for Francis, the family moved to Wanganui, 3 hours north-west of Greytown on the coast. The family lived at a few different addresses in the Wanganui area before Francis died in 1941.

Sometime between 1938 and 1946 Muriel moved to a house in Tinirau St, Wanganui , and lived there until her death on the 2nd of November 1973.

Muriel was my great grandmother, and lived to be 90 years, 1 month and 7 days old.

Muriel and Francis are both buried in Karori Cemetery, in Wellington.

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  1. What a sad thing to realise that I was alive before this woman died and never met her. Funny how I have no recollection of Mum talking about ANY relations – except Uncle Chick and Uncle Rupe.

    1. I have no memories of the extended NZ family when we visited in 1961 at age 5- vague impressions of Grandad’s corner dairy only . Apparently we went off on bicycle rides with all the Aunts and Uncles , though I doubt Muriel would have participated given her age at the time. We would have spent time with Muriel for certain. I feel quite comforted by that for her and Mum’s sake. I too remember Uncle Chick being spoken of, and met Rupert in 1976 for 2 brief minutes.

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