Louisa Elizabeth Roydhouse


Another great, great grand Aunt was Louisa, sister to William born in London on the 13th August, 1819, daughter of Thomas and Sarah [nee Clark ] Roydhouse. Her baptism has been recorded at three different churches, but all agree that the event occurred on the 20th October that year.


She married Richard Augustus Clark, son of James Phelps Clark and Frances at St. Pancras on the 22nd March, 1842.


William would have been ten years old at the time. Richard and Louisa were living at 5 Oldfield St, Enfield in 1851, quite close to Richards likely employer, the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield.

It was a government owned rifle factory which produced military rifles, muskets and swords from 1816 through to 1988.


(1861 Enfield Musketoon)


Louisa  was 54 on immigration to NZ aboard the Star of India in 1874.This voyage occurred within 6 months of her mother death. She left behind her sister Ann, and her nieces and nephews through Ann and Thomas Henry.

Her brother William had been in New Zealand 6 years when he sponsored her passage. At the time of the Clarks’ immigration, Louisa was a nurse and Richard a gun-smith. They appear not to have had any children prior to their voyage, and her death certificate confirms this.

Shipping documents include the following information:


Date Of Birth:1820

Vessel Name: STAR OF INDIA

Wife’s Name :LOUISA

Man’s age  :54

Woman’s age :  54

Occupation :GUNSMITH

Were they nominated by someone already in the colony :YES

Passage Order Number :759

Date of Departure: 30th July 1874

Port of Loading + tonnage : GRAVESEND (1045 TONS)

Date of arrival: 10th November, 1874

Port of Discharge: WELLINGTON


Richard continued his trade as a gunsmith in New Zealand as advertised in the local paper:


In 1893, New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections. Later that year, Richard died in Greytown, aged 73.

Louisa’s death was reported in the Wairarapa Daily Times:

“Mrs. Clark, relict of the late Richard Clark, of this town,[Greytown] died at the local Hospital after a short illness, on Wednesday evening last. [17th August,1898]The deceased had attained the ripe age of seventy-nine and was much esteemed by all who knew her. She was sister to Mr W Roydhouse senior, and has lived in the Wairarapa for many years.”

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