Mary Ann Jane Roydhouse


Mary Ann Jane Roydhouse was my great grand aunt, born to William John and Mary Roydhouse ( nee Jordan)  in Bermondsey on the 19th July, 1860.  The census taker in the Llantwit Fadre area, Wales inaccurately recorded her as being 3 months of age on the 7th April 1861.

In 1868 she was on board the Asterope heading towards New Zealand,  and the next record of her is her marriage to Edward Alexander Campbell, in Greytown on the 5th August, 1878.

Her family of nine children were born in Greytown, Paeroa, and Auckland:

Alice Eva, born 1881, married Andrew Mcindoe 1912, died 1967

Helen Louisa, born 1882, married Charles Moore 1905, died 1972

Launcelot Edward, born 1885, died 1951

Archibald Hugh, born 1888, married (cousin) Helen Witton 1917, died 1970

John Andrew, born and died 1891

Mary Gladys, born 1893, married John Franklin 1917, died 1982

Cecil Kenneth, born 1897, died 1990

Reginald Errol, born 1899, married Selina Verran 1919, died 1974

Dorothy Juanita, born 1901, married Denis McSweeney 1923, died 1980.

Edward was recorded as a solicitor living in Ponsonby Road close to Central Auckland when he died in Auckland in 1920.

Mary’s death notice from 1940:


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