Jemima Price

(This week, in the 125th anniversary year I acknowledge one of the women in my family story who is recorded as having signed the historic petition in 1893)

My great, great, great grandmother Jemima Smart nee Price was almost 70 years old when she signed that petition to give women the right to vote, a world-wide first.

She was born on the 24th July, 1824 in Minchinhampton, Gloucester, eldest of three children known to be born to James and Mary.

Jemima was 19 when she married George Smart of Theescombe in 1849, and their first known child was George, born in 1853 in Rodborough.

Their second child, Ellen, was born in the County of Brant, Canada in 1857, and although I have found no proof, I rather suspect George was in Canada with the British Army at the time.

Jemima gave birth to their son James back in England in 1860, and Emma their daughter in 1863.

At age 50 in 1874 Jemima and her family migrated to Christchurch, New Zealand and she became a widow in 1890.

The right to vote was granted to women in New Zealand on the 19th September, 1893, and I am confident that Jemima would have been marking her ballot papers on the 28th of November in the same year.

Jemima was buried in Addington Cemetery, Christchurch early September 1895.

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