Remembrance Day

On  Remembrance Day 2018 I would like to show my appreciation of my ancestors during conflicts around the world and across the ages. Some volunteered, some were conscripted, some trained but did not  leave for war, all were ready, some gave all.

Civil War

Henry Roydhouse

Trent Affair, Canada

James Walter Smart

Boer War

Francis William Roydhouse

World War One

Albert Henry Kingsbury 1883- 1918, Cairo Egypt




John Charles Roydhouse

Reginald Walter Roydhouse

Sydney John Roydhouse

Thomas Roydhouse

Charles Walter Maxton

Ronald Ian Maxton

Korean War

William Myers

World War Two

Donald Jack Roydhouse

Peter Booth Roydhouse

Alan Roydhouse

Bernard Richard William Roydhouse

Noel Herbert Roydhouse

William John Roydhouse

Cedric Roydhouse

Donald Roydhouse

Frank Roydhouse

Rupert Roydhouse

Jeffrey Arthur Roydhouse

Garth Sutherland Roydhouse


  • This list is not comprehensive, many names are yet to be checked against Nominal Rolls and other sources.

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