Mary Maxton


Mary was the second daughter born to Samuel and Susannah Maxton on the 9th November,1851 in Wellington. Her step-siblings included Henrietta of the last two blog posts.

She was about 22 when her family moved to Greytown and on the 19th September 1878 at St .Luke’s she married William McKenzie(1857-1945). William McKenzie was a printer with the Roydhouse family newspaper.

Seven children were born, but the last daughter Mary died as a baby.

Helen Flora 4.9.1879-1964, never married

Edith  Maxton 29.9.1880-1940 married William Lovelock, 2 sons, 3 daughters

Bessie Maxton 1882-1965 married Arthur Bulcher

Percy Maxton 12.8.1886-1965 married Eva Robertson

Mildred  Maxton 1890-1966 married Bert Stevens

Mary  1891-1891

Mary was ill for some time, and died in February 1892 aged 41. It is highly likely that there were complications from the birth of Mary. She was buried in Carterton.

William remarried in 1893 to Louisa Parker, moved to Palmerston North, and produced a further 7 children:

Isobel, Cremona, William, Hugh, Gwendoline, Stuart and Morice.

Mary was my great-great-grand Aunt.

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