Jessie Maxton

Jessie Maxton was the first daughter born to Samuel and Susannah in Wellington on the 14thJuly, 1850.

Her early life was spent in Lambton Quay, Wellington.

Jessie married Joseph Michael O’Connor, a shoemaker, on the 28th October 1877 at her father-in-law’s home in Greytown.

They had three children:

Leonard 1880-1953 married Ethel Smith,2 sons

Hugh 1883-1948 married Charity Cumberland 2 sons, 5 daughters

Florence 1885-1972 married Rev, Francis Taylor, 1 son Mervyn

Hugh and Florence were born in Pirinoa, where Joseph was registered on the electoral rolls as a storekeeper in 1886.

In 1911, through to at least 1919, the family was in Waikanae as storekeepers.

This map shows the places Jessie lived.

Jessie was very talented in making crochet lace and two of her pieces are shown below.







Sometime before 1930, Jessie and Joseph had moved back to Greytown, as Jessie’s death is recorded there on the 25th July that year. 


 Joseph O’Connor as an old man. He died in 1936.

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