William John Roydhouse 1884-1908

In 1898, aged 66 years of age, the electoral roll for Greytown show William as a baker.

Somewhere between then and 1900 he retired, and was classified as a “settler”.

From 1902 to 1904 he identified as a “mining expert”. Consulting mineral maps of New Zealand, it is doubtful any deposits of significance were or are found in this area.


(Map of gold deposits,location of Tararua Ranges and terrain around the area)



WJR writes:  I then went to the Mahaiopura diggings and since then have had varied experiences, spending a great deal of time prospecting for minerals in the Tararuas. I do not think that there is any gold there worth working for, but I do think the prospects for coal are good, and possibly tin also, of which I have found quite good indications, but I am getting too old to go into the hills alone.



William John Roydhouse was of a very active and sanguine nature, and one of the most pleasant tempered and amiable of men, making friends everywhere.

Sometime after writing his letter, he suffered a paralytic seizure, losing the power of speech and the use of his right arm and leg. He was cared for in the Victorian ward at Wellington Hospital, where he was a great favourite with the staff and other patients, owing to his unbreakable spirit.

He died on July 6th, 1908 at the age of 77 years.






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