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Researching the Roydhouse families prior to their arrival in London in the early 1700’s has many challenges. Here is an average page from Wragby, West Yorkshire, 1626.

1.Limited access to the records which would help identify all life events for each person.
For example, the Thomas I see married in Hemsworth- did he stay in Yorkshire and have a large family, or perhaps his death is recorded OR is he the one who moved to London with his wife Elizabeth?

2. Many early records are recorded in Latin.

Some common words which help in identifying include:
filia= daughter
nupt = marriage
obitus= death
The christian names are also in Latin:
Elizabetha= Elizabeth
Guileimi= William
Johannis= John
Henricus= Henry
Richardi= Richard
Jenit= Janet

3. Very few records include the mother of a child being baptised, and while some records include a father of a child being buried, very often it is unclear if it is Thomas the father or Thomas the son who has died.

4. Levels of literacy within the church officials- some have beautiful handwriting and others a complete scrawl. Some are consistent with standard spelling, but there are many variations of names such as Guilemi (this is also dependent on the transcribers ability) Some records are organised into sections for each life event, others are recorded as they happened.

West Yorkshire Archive Service; Wakefield, Yorkshire, England; Yorkshire Parish Records; New Reference Number: WDP99/1/1/2

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