Joseph Thomas Roydhouse

Thomas and Henry, sons of Sarah nee Anstiss and Thomas Henry Roydhouse, had one other surviving sibling, a brother Joseph Thomas born on the 21st March, 1844, and baptised at St Marys, Islington on the second February, 1851.
At this stage the family was still in Sidney Grove, but as Sarah was now a widow with three young sons, perhaps she needed to find cheaper rent.
Joseph was the “one who stayed home”, and he and his family spent their lives in London.
In 1861, he lived with his mother and brother, and was recorded as a labourer.
Joseph married in 1866 to Charlotte Pocock at St Phillips Church, Bethnal Green and they had three children:
1.Sarah Ann (1869-1934)

In 1871, Joseph and Charlotte lived at number 45, with mother Sarah and brother Thomas at number 40. Joseph was recorded as a painter.

2.George Joseph (1873-1947)
3.Frederick William (1875-1936)

The baptism of Joseph and Charlotte’s two sons was solemnised at St James Islington in 1875, with the family’s address recorded at 45 Britannia Row.

1881 saw the Joseph Roydhouse family at number 26, familiar to Joseph from 20 years before.His occupation was a house painter.

The electoral rolls of 1885 and 1888, however, indicates Joseph was now paying 4 shillings a week to landlord John Perrin (also at that address) for number 60 Britannia Row. It is listed as two rooms, unfurnished on the first floor.

In the transcribing of the 1891 census, Joseph and his family were recorded at number 60 as:
Joseph S. Roy Show, warehouseman oil and colour refinery,47
Charlotte, wife, 47
Sarah, daughter, French polisher,22
George, son, cardboard box maker, 19
Frederick, son, cardboard box maker, 45 ( sic)

In 1897, the electoral rolls recorded Joseph still at number 60, however from 1901 until sometime between 1907 and 1911 the family spent time at 33 Compton Street, close by where his grandparents Sarah and Thomas had lived in Rawstorne Street.

The 1911 census shows Joseph, Charlotte and their grandson Alfred Frederick George living at 60 Britannia Row again.

Joseph was still at number 60 when his death is recorded in 1918.

Britannia Row
26 Joseph, Charlotte, Sarah, George, Frederick 1861, 1881
45 Joseph, Charlotte, Sarah, George, Frederick 1871
60 Joseph, Charlotte, Sarah, George, Frederick, Louisa 1891, 1911

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