Frederick William Roydhouse

Continuing the Britannia Row connection :::

Frederick was the third child of Joseph and Charlotte. He was born in Islington in 1875 and his baptism records the family were at number 45. He was about 5 or 6 when the family spent a brief time at number 26, perhaps for no more than 5 years.
In 1899 he married Ellen Curtiss, and their address was 60 Britannia Row at the time.

In 1901 Frederick and Ellen shared number 60 with his sister Sarah, her husband Charles Weyda, and their children Beatrice 12,, Evelyn 9, Joseph 3 and William a 9 month old baby all lived at number 60 Britannia Row.It is not clear how many rooms the two families rented at this time.
Sadly, Ellen died in 1902 aged 25 years.
He married Louisa Frances Parker in June of 1906, both recorded at number 60.
Their four children:

1. Alfred Frederick George
2. Louise Charlotte Lilian
3. Frederick John Richard Thomas
4. Edward W T 1910-1912

By 1911 the electoral rolls state Frederick was still at Number 60, and that Joseph was also.
The accommodation is listed as one room, unfurnished, and there were:
Joseph and Charlotte, in their late 60’s, Frederick their son, age 36 with wife Louise, and children Alfred, 18, unemployed, Charlotte, 5, Frederick junior 4, and Edward, a baby one year of age.
An interesting anomaly is the 1911 census only records Joseph, Charlotte and grandson Alfred.
In 1934 Frederick and Louisa shared number 60 Britannia Row with married daughter Louise and husband Arthur Foulger and son Frederick J.R.T
Frederick died in 1936, having lived with extended family in Britannia Row all his life, and at least 50 years at Number 60.

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