Frederick John Richard Thomas Roydhouse

Frederick John Richard Thomas Roydhouse was born in the November of 1907.

He was 5 years old when his youngest brother Edward died aged 2.

The family were all living at number 60 Britannia Row in 1934::

Parents Frederick and Louisa (aged almost 60)

Daughter: Louisa and husband Arthur (almost 30)

Son: Alfred Frederick George (age 41)

Son: Frederick John Richard Thomas (age 27)

His mother Louisa died later in 1934, and his father in October 1936.

Frederick married Kathleen Ann Cook in 1937.

The couple appear to have had no children.

He died on the 16th April 1975 at number 16, “Henshall Point”, Bromley High Street,

about 5 miles away from Islington.

Kathleen died in 1996.

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