So, it’s Goodbye, Britannia Row…

Last weeks post about Frederick was the last of the Britannia Row connections, and

has been an interesting way of linking family stories together.

The connection with Islington was broken mainly due to slum clearances, war

bombings and the Governments decision to build big blocks of housing flats in nearby

suburbs for low income families.

I rather suspect if at all possible, the extended Roydhouse families would have stayed

longer. The connection lasted over 70 years.

This was also the last post about the Roydhouse family in London that are proved to be

connected to the Roydhouse families of New Zealand and Australia.

Of course, Thomas Roydhouse from Yorkshire was not the only Roydhouse to start a

new life in the city of London.

I touched on the life of Charles Potter Roydhouse last year, and hope to continue with

his family connections in the next few weeks, as well as explore the lives of the other

London Roydhouse families.

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