Florence Roydhouse 1886-1972

I started exploring the family of Benjamin Roydhouse, but got side-tracked. The next few blog posts are about his children.
Florence Roydhouse was the only daughter of Benjamin and Ellen. She was born in Leyton, Essex on the 19th January, 1886.
By the age of 15, she was living at 360 Harrow Road, Paddington. Frederick and Arthur Frisby, who worked as a drapers assistant from home and employed a male, 3 females and Florence in the same business.
In 1911 the census was taken in early April, and Florence is boarding at 6 Netterton Road, Deptford North with Herbert Godbold, both working in drapery. They married on the 3rd of June that year at St Marys, Mortlake in Surrey. Herbert William Godbold was a 29 year old drapery buyer.
Herbert and Florence had three children:
Vera born 1912
Ronald born 1914
Sheila born 1922
In 1939 the family is living in Maldon & Coombe, though Sheila is not recorded there.
Herbert died in 1957, and Florence on Christmas Eve, 1972.

(Ancestry tree photo)

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