William Collings Roydhouse 1813-1861

Thomas and Mary ( nee Collings) first child was a son, William Collings Roydhouse.
He was born in 1813 and baptised on the 9th November at St Mary-le-Bone, Westminster.
He married Elizabeth Hayward from St Georges Cliot, Devon on the 12th of May 1833 at St George Hanover Square.
In the census of 1841 William was recorded as a saddler living in Chelsea, and his family included :
1.Charles Potter, 6 ( see link)
2.Mary Emma Collins , 4, drowned in the river Thames 15th July 1866.
3.Jane,2 married Charles Irons, John Whybrow 1886
4.Unnamed male, 3 months (George Henry)
5.Caroline, born 1843-1848
6.Elizabeth, born January 1845, married William Clark 1866
7.In 1847 a son William was born, sadly he died aged 2 in 1849 with Hydrocephalus

The term “hydrocephalus” is derived from two Greek words: hydro (water) and kephale (head). Hydrocephalus is still sometimes referred to as “water on the brain.” Hydrocephalus is a condition in which an excess of cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in the cavities of the brain known as “ventricles.”
Under normal conditions, a delicate balance exists between the production, circulation, and absorption levels of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain’s ventricles.
In infants and toddlers, the bones of the skull are not yet closed, and hydrocephalus may be obvious. The child’s head will enlarge, and the fontanel (soft spot) may be tense and/or bulging. The skin may appear thin and shiny, and the veins of the scalp may appear full or engorged.
Symptoms may include: vomiting, poor feeding, listlessness, irritability, constant downward gaze of the eyes & occasional seizures.

8.Sarah, born 1849
9.Alice born 1851 married William Kemp

William Roydhouse died at 30 Shepherd Street, Saint George Hanover Square on the tenth of June, 1861, of rheumatic fever and pneumonia. He was 47.

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