Mary Emma Collin(g)s Roydhouse

Mary Emma Collin(g)s was born on the 11th February 1837 and baptised on the 25th September 1838 at the St Marys church in Bryanstone Square, London.
She also attended the St Pauls school at age 7 from July 1844 , and is recorded as “ leaving for the Winter”.
She then seems to disappear from official records, including the 1851 and 1861 census until her death by drowning in the Thames off Battersea which was recorded a few months after her sister Alice’s wedding in 1866.
Her will had a sole executrix in Elizabeth Deane, a spinster from Anglesea in Wales. Her estate was valued at under 200 pounds.

She was 29 at her death.

London to Llys Dulas- 5 hours


5 Pont Street

12 Brook Street

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  1. Reading this I imagine Mary was gay and ‘disappeared’ from the family due to society’s unacceptance. I do wonder how she ended up in the River Thames. So many scenarios running through my head….

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