My favourite saying after watching the kids movie “UP”, looks like I have been attracted by a bright and shiny thing and led away from the telling of the Roydhouse families. Temporarily.

I have very recently made contact with my Mum’s cousin who is now in his 80’s. His Dad was the brother of my Grandmother Millicent, who married into the Roydhouse family.

With the extremely common surname of Adams to research, it has been amazing that over the years I have made contact with several descendants from the original traceable couple, William and Philedelphia in Hampshire close to Southampton.  Lynley in NZ, Fiona in South Africa, Jess in England and now John in New Zealand.

I am preparing files and photos of his ancestors to send to him  and I just know he will enjoy their stories as much as I have!

Photo is of George Adams, the man who left England and started the New Zealand dynasty, John’s great grandfather ( George, Walter, Walter, John)and my great great grandfather.(George Walter, Millicent, Jill, Cathy)

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