Set sail for America..John Roydhouse 1785-1851

Several Roydhouse families live in the United States.
The earliest I have found is a John Roydhouse, who was born in Leeds, Yorkshire. His baptism is recorded at St Peters Church on the 13th of March 1785.

A church at Ledes is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 although it is likely that there had been a church on the same site for much longer, as evidenced by the fragments of Anglo-Scandinavian stone crosses (known as the Leeds Cross) found on the site during the construction of the current church. St Peters church was rebuilt twice, after a fire in the 14th century, and again in the 19th century.

His parents were Matthew, who died when John was 7 years old, and Rebecca nee Richardson who died 4 years later in 1796.
No clue exists of who looked after John and sister Elizabeth, the next official record is his marriage to Frances Parkinson in Beverley, Yorkshire on the 30th March 1814.
Matthew was born in December that year, and John in 1815, the family was living in Routh, Yorkshire at the time.
Sometime between 1815 and 1818 the family migrated to Burlington, New Jersey.
Lydia A 1818-1889
Sarah B 1820-1914
Joseph 1822-1853
Mary 1825-1852
The early census of 1830 and 1840  records his family in age groups, with only the head of the household named.

Thomas N 1832-1860

Frances died in 1846, and John died on the 15th November 1851 in Bordentown, Burlington County, New Jersey.
He was recorded as a farmer.

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