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George William Roydhouse was born on the 8th March 1846 to parents Matthew and Elizabeth in Mount Holly, Burlington, New Jersey.

He was the first son and third child, with older sisters Rebecca and Janet.

He was a young child when both his parents died, his father  died in 1851 when George was just 5 years old.

He married Ida Virginia McPherson in 1880.

They had three children:

Ethel Mae 1881-1940

Florence 1882-1925

Howard McPherson 1884-1955

George worked as a brick-layer , then became a contractor/architect  of some note- earning him a place in a Notable Philadelphian’s article.

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Roydhouse Bridge is a covered bridge in Oneida County which crosses Beaver Creek which is named after the builder.

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Other projects, including 2 Railway Stations for Pennsylvania Railroad:

Project Type Location
Baldwin Locomotive Works Office Building
Client: Baldwin Locomotive Works
office building Broad St and Spring St
Charles W. Porter & Co. Office Building
Client: Charles W. Porter & Co.
office building Norris St.
E. K. Janney & Co. Factory
Client: E. K. Janney & Co.
factory Van Kirk  St
Frishmuth Bros. & Co. Factories
Client: Frishmuth Bros. & Co.
factory 17th St
Harrington Machine Shop factory 1640-1666 Callowhill  St
Inquirer Building; The Elverson Building
Client: Philadelphia Inquirer
400-440 N Broad St
North Philadelphia Station; Germantown Junction Station
Client: Pennsylvania Railroad
train station 2900 N Broad  St
Pennsylvania Railroad Co., Office Building; ING Direct; Pennsylvania Building
Client: Pennsylvania Railroad Co.
office building Delaware
Pennsylvania Railroad East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Train Station train station Pittsburgh City, Allegheny County


Germanton Junction station opened in the 1870s and was known as New York Junction and Germantown Junction. A new station, which ushered in the Beaux-Arts style for large train stations, was built from 1896 to 1901 with the architect G.W.Roydhouse.

After a 1912–1915 enlargement, it was renamed as North Philadelphia. Despite several other renovations, its use declined in the mid and late 20th century; in 1991, Amtrak constructed a smaller replacement station across the tracks. The building was renovated once more in 1999 and is now used as commercial space.

Germanton Junction Railway Station-google image

Ida Roydhouse died in 1911, and a year later George married Annie Jenkins Kemp Ridgely.

At some stage he divorced Annie.

He was 88 years of age when he died at Hahnemann Hospital on the 10th  November 1934.

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