A personal story- Less than 6 degrees of separation-Walcha murder

Until the age of 12, I lived in Armidale in New South Wales.
I was 8 when my baby brother was born, and my parents decided to christen the five of us in one ceremony when he was about 6 months old.
Mum selected the three girls a lovely short sleeve top and pleated skirt outfit – apricot for me, mauve for Maree and aqua for Michelle. Gloves and hats completed the outfits.

L-R Back
Dad holding Edwin, Mum
L-R Front
Self, age 8, Shell, age 4, Geoff, age 6 and Maree age 7

We also needed godparents, 5 sets to be found!

My godfather was John Dunbar, a farmer’s son from Walcha about 65 kms away from our home, my Dad was crop dusting around that way regularly and knew the Dunbar family well.
I remember staying with the family when Mum had our baby brother. At the time Alma and Alex seemed old, but their son John was about 20 so I guess they were in the 45-50 age range.
Their property was called Pandora, and I loved playing in the rooms out the side of the house, filled with treasures from other times- crocheted milk jug covers with beads, old tea-sets, doilies, velvet chaise lounge- fantastic play area!.

I noticed a few years ago my sister had connected with John’s adopted son Mathew on Facebook.
I had talked about Pandora and the Dunbars to Gordon and in 2017 he read me out the news that Mathew had probably been murdered by his girlfriend Natasha. It looks like the main trial is being set for June next year.
Some news stories, copy and paste the links- the bottom one is the most current.

Jan 2019: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/nutribullet-used-to-blend-cocktail-of-drugs-in-grazier-murder-court-20190117-p50ryh.html

Nov 2019: https://www.9news.com.au/national/natasha-beth-darcy-denies-in-court-killing-farmer-mathew-dunbar-in-walcha-nsw/cd9a6232-25bf-45c5-ba19-a137005e4a6c

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