Josephine Ann Roydhouse

Josephine Ann Roydhouse was born on the 29th of August ,1851 in Burlington New Jersey , the daughter of Joseph and Ann Roydhouse nee Pedrick.
By 1854 she was an orphan. Little is known of hers and sister Ellen’s life until their marriages.
Josephine married John M Connor on the 16th April 1877 in Montgomery, Alabama.
Hugh Seelye Conner and his twin brother Joseph Roydhouse Connor were born on the 3rd of April 1878. Hugh died aged 4 years on the 14th July 1882, 18 months after John Connor his father had died.
Catherine Connor was born on the 28th December in 1879. She died in Montgomery a spinster aged 33 on the 28th June 1913.
Josephine married Elisha Cyrus Stout ( 1851-1929) on the 17th January 1889 in Montgomery.
In 1898 her son Joseph died in Santiago de Cuba. The Spanish-American War had run for 10 weeks only but was quickly followed by the Philippine -American War. It is possible he was victim to Yellow Fever, a disease borne by female mosquitos. His tombstone reads U.S.V ( United States Volunteer)
Josephine and Elisha’s son Robert Pollak Stout was born in 1890 on the 17th July in Montgomery .
Robert married Flora Irene Cooper and 2 sons and 2 daughters were born.
Robert R.Stout 1924-2003, William Cooper Stout 1928-2997,Mary C. Stout 1926-2004 and
Flora Childress Stout 1931-
Robert died on the 22nd of June 1932 in Pensacola Florida. He was a 2nd lieutenant in the 59th Field Artillery.
Josephine died on the 15th May 1926 in Pensacola, Florida and Elisha 3 years later in 1929.

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