Lydia and Sarah B Roydhouse

The first child to be born in America, and the eldest daughter of John Roydhouse and his wife Frances nee Parkinson, Lydia Ann Roydhouse was born in Burlington, New Jersey in 1819.

She married Aaron Wood about 1837, and the couple had 2 sons and two daughters.

1.Henrietta Wood was born on Christmas Eve, 1838 and married Benjamin F Lindsey in 1863
Nettie M 1868-1870; Frank Clinton 1872-1943 and Willam Tibbits 1875-1924. Henrietta died in 1909

2.Lydia A Wood born in 1845 married Joseph Steere
Amanda Steere 1864, Georgeanna 1866, Anna Mary Steere 1868

3.Jacob born in 1851 and died in 1867.

4.Alfred was born in 1856

Lydia died in 1889.

John’s second daughter Sarah B was born in 1820.

She married Thomas Parker Birkett on the 24th October 1839 in Mt Holly, Burlington Co. New Jersey.

1.Margaret F.Birkett was born on the 29th September 1840 in Kansas and married William Henry Pew.
Joanna Elizabeth Pew 1865-1920. Her father William died in 1869.She lived with her grandparents after her mother’s marriage to Thomas Atkinson Gaskill in 1871.
Margaret and Thomas had two sons John Coty Gaskill 1871-1933; Otto Gaskill 1881 Kansas-1900

2. John R Birkett 1842-1905

3. Sarah Birkett 1845-1874

4. James Birkett 1847-1887

5. Thomas Parker Birkett jr 1851-1933

6. Benjamin Franklin Birkett 1856-1935

7. Mary F Birkett 1858-1937 single 1900 census

8. Martha Watts Birkett 1861-married Reginald Thomas Whitcomb 1895
1. Arthur B Whitcomb was born in 1896

Sarah died on the 6th May 1914 in Burlington. She was 94.

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  1. I wonder why 6yo Joanna Elizabeth Pew lived with her grandparents. Was the reason behind it- the mother, the stepfather, or Joanna? Never know I guess.

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