Dorothy Roydhouse of Carleton

In 1701 the 1st July Quarter Sessions were held at Wakefield in Yorkshire.
On the list of hearings for the sessions was the “Indictment of Dorothea Roydhouse”.

Th writing is difficult to read and mostly in Latin, but some facts can be made out.
Dorothea Roydhouse , spinster of Carleton.
Carleton is about 9 miles from Wakefield, and also close to Pontefract and Hemsworth.

It appears that Dorothy was being indicted for the theft of silk petticoats, silk linings and a hood.
A Katherine Talbut is mentioned in the indictment so she either helped steal or owned the items.

The records of that time indicate that Dorothy most likely was a part of the Hemsworth
Roydhouse clan. Hemwsorth is 6 miles from Carleton, and the type of articles stolen would indicate Dorothy
worked either as a dressmaker or in a position of trust in a wealthy household.

This particular family branch has been variously listed as Roidas, Roydous, Rhoidas, Rhoydas and
Roydhouse in the space of a few years.
William Roydhouse married Elizabeth Hunnington on the 11th November, 1679
Dorothy was baptised 5th Sept 1680

Elizabeth was baptised 5th February 1685 and was buried on 14th March 1685.
Prizile was baptised 14th Feb 1687, and was buried on the 5 April 1700
Margaret was baptised 1688.

Wakefield Prison was built in 1595, so it is more than likely Dorothy spent her prison time there,
although the records are not available to know the length of sentence and/or punishment handed
down to her. Any marriage after 1701 and/or her death have not been located.

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