William Clark Roydhouse


Another great-grandson of  plumber Daniel John Roydhouse (born 1752) was William Clark Roydhouse.

William was the eldest son of James (1822) and Ann nee Johnson, and brother to George Henry whose family line was developed in a previous blog post here:


William was born in 1854, and married Elizabeth Harrison. 11 children were born to this couple.

1.Eva Jane  born 1876, married Albert Harrison (died 1913)

a son born William James 1908, married second George Levitt.

2.Gertrude Ann, born 1878, married Edward Dobson and had 4 children:

Marie 1908,Gladys V 1911,George 1913,Kathleen 1916

3. Emma 1880-1910 married William Dobson

4.William James 1882-1904

5. Marion 1884 married Charles Henry Simpson -Hare, second Roy Hodgson

6.Arthur 1886-1963,  married  Eliza Nicholson and had 10 children:

Alice 1908   Alvie 1909, Jessie 1910, Lewis 1911, Doris 1914, Arthur 1916,

Ida 1925, William 1929, and two others

7.Harold 1888-1915, married Eva Thompson, one son  Edwin born 1910, Harold died in Yorkshire in November 1915.

8.Alice 1890-1957,  married George Hunter. Her probate left 2,000 pounds to brother Tom.

9.Harrison 1892-1918,married Emily Cockerline,  a daughter Myra born 1913 Harrison died in  France.

10. Tom 1894-1982 married Kathleen Billany,  and had 2 daughters:

Kathleen 1916, Phyllis 1921

11. Charles Ernest 1896-1983 married Vera Stancer, one daughter Kathleen

William Clark Roydhouse died in November 1900, aged  45, and is buried in Keyingham Cemetery.

By the time Elizabeth died in 1932 age 77, she had lost 3 sons, 2 daughters,  a sister , her mother and her husband.


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