Revisiting the Chelsea Roydhouse family


Going back to Yorkshire-the Chelsea mob

I first posted about this family almost 12 months to the day.

While searching for other Roydhouse folk, I  found the marriage for Thomas Roydhouse to Mary Collins in Great Driffield, Yorkshire on the 4th of June, 1811.

The couple moved to London soon afterwards, as the birth of their first child William Collins Roydhouse in 1813 is registered in Mary-le-bone.

The Robson’s  London Directory of 1834 has the family living at 81 Seymour Place, Mary-le-bone.

This directory, street key, and conveyance list, particularising the residence of 60,000 establishments in London and its environs : also a list of coaches, waggons, vans, with the names of the carriers, their route, inn or calling house, and day and hour of their departure, coasting vessels, steam packets, and inland navigation : together with an alpahabetical list of public carriers  for 1834.

It is a handy document for researchers to discover the residences of people in Britain prior to the first formal census of 1841.

(Ancestry records)

(Google Maps street view 2020)

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