152 years on

The good ship Asterope arrived in Wellington New Zealand on the 8th October 1868, 152 years ago.

Onboard, the Roydhouse family, which included five young children were immigrating to commence William’s new employment to install cabling around the North Island.

William and Mary would surely be proud patriarch and matriarch of the growing branches of Australian and New Zealand Roydhouse descendants.

Mary Johns Roydhouse nee Jordan

With a strong focus on newspapers originally, the 21st century family has really diversified in their occupations.

A quick Google search revealed 24 of them:

Soccer player USA from NZ

Fencing contractors Australia

Female Indie singer Australia

CEO engineering Australia

Ophthalmologist Australia

Scientific researcher Australia

Management services Australia

Tech entrepreneur Australia

Education Australia

Cosmetic nurse Australia

Pharmacist/brewer Australia

Senior research Fellow Australia

Clinical Lab Doctor Australia

Male Indie singer Australia

Basketball player NZ

Plumbing business Australia

Casino food & beverage manager Australia

Trekking, fund-raising Australia

Children’s counsellor Australia

Construction director Australia

Executive producer advertising production NZ

Renovation company NZ

Professional musician NZ/Australia


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