Cuthbert Roydhouse

According to a well known genealogy site, “Ackerley Roydhouse”  was

christened at St Peter’s Warmfield on the 11th January 1660.

The father was recorded as Eastgate Roydhouse.

After studying the scanned document on-line, I decided that the child was a

daughter, but while her name does not look like “Ackersley”, it is difficult

to be sure exactly what it is.

However, “Eastgate”, the father, is readable as Cuthbert-split over the first

and second lines.

Saint Cuthbert was a part of the Lindisfarne monastery, and lived between

634 and 687.

(St. Cuthbert and the timber, Wikipedia reference)

Cuthbert Roydhouse was one of many males named after the Saint, with St

Cuthbert’s Church in nearby Ackworth.

Cuthbert baptised a further 4 children

:daughter Barbara in 1598

:daughter Margaret in 1601

:daughter Agnes in 1604

:son John in 1606

A Cuthbert Roydhouse was buried at St Cuthbert’s in 1616, and in 1660 a

Cuthbert Roydhouse , born in Sharlston was buried at All Saints in

Wakefield. I have no proof but I suspect given close localities and naming

that 1660 Cuthbert was a son of 1616 Cuthbert.

(Maps courtesy of Google Maps)


Known as Old Sharlston now, the village has existed for over five hundred

years, with Sharlston Old Hall built in 1574.

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