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I was just looking through Facebook memories from my trip of nine years ago. A photo of St John’s Gate in Clerkenwell caught my eye, and inspired me to blog after a long absence!

I confess that this is not my camera expertise!, most photos anywhere in Britain are either full of people or cars!

My go-to quick information page is Wikipedia, and the following photos come from there:


It was the next sketch that fired my interest the most:

Thomas and Sarah Roydhouse, as well as young Henry and William were less than 15 minutes walk from here during this time frame.

Also, as noted an a very early post, so were the Maxton family and the Dunn family.

In the Census– of 1841

In 1853, William married Mary Jordan, and the adress  was given as 1 St John’s Square, which is pictured in this sketch.

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