The murder trial-a personal story continues

Last August I posted the story about a connection to a murder trial in New South Wales.

The trial is now under way, and evidence is mounting up regarding the accused’s role in the death of our godparents son and grandson.

I was looking through photos for something else yesterday, and came across these three, taken in 1962, 1964 and 1966“Pandora” 1962 Maree, Catherine front, Michelle being held by Colleen

“Pandora” and inscribed by my Mum APRIL 1964.My youngest brother was born in late March, 1964, so this was 2 of the 4 kids who stayed at “Pandora” while Mum was recuperating for the 2 weeks that was expected after childbirth in that era. Maree and I looking very happy and well cared for, hair all prettied up and best clothes on! I think Mrs Dunbar would have liked a daughter in her own family.

“Pandora” 1966/or 1967, with Edwin now 2 or 3 years old- the 5 of us did not have television at home for very long before this hence the fascination seen on all our faces.

We moved to West Australia in 1968, ending the bond between families.

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