ANZAC Day remembrances


Andrew James Loller was born in Kellerberrin, WA on the 20th June 1914 to

parents James and Rosetta.

The South Australian James Loller had married Bruce Rock born Rosetta

Barr and the couple had arrived back in Bruce Rock from Belka in 1923.

Andrew’s siblings were Stanley, Bert, Ethel, Gilbert, Gladys, Dave, Violet

,Daphne and Margaret.

He was always known as Jim.

Jim attended Bruce Rock Primary School and excelled at cricket.

At age 22, Jim was hospitalized first in Bruce Rock and then transferred to

Perth for an operation.

Their father passed away in 1939 when Jim was 25.

He enlisted as a private in the 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion on the 30th

October 1940.

The Army trained in Northam, and then marched the men to Perth, a hilly

route of almost 100 kilometres.

Stanley, Gilbert and Bert also joined the AIF, and Gladys the AWAS.

James was in Singapore when it fell to Japanese invasion, and he was

severely wounded in the leg.

This caused an amputation to be performed by Japanese doctors. Many men

lost their leg(s) due to tropical ulcers.

The 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion arrived in Changi at 3am on the 18th

February 1942.

Over 300 were selected for working parties.

He and many of his comrades spent 3 ½ years in Changi POW Camp.

Conditions became extreme in Changi as the war continued, and many men

succumbed to illnesses due to near starvation, limited diets, crowded

conditions and cruelty by their captors.

Of the 961 members of the 2/4th, 137 were killed in action, and 263 died as

prisoners of war.

His brother Gilbert was in an Italian POW camp and was released home to

Bruce Rock before Jim.

Neither were home when their young brother David died aged 24.

Stanley married Stella Bird, and her sister Lily married Jim in 1945.

The Bird girls lost a brother in an Italian POW camp the day before peace

was declared.

Jim and Lily lived in a soldier settlement area in Perth and raised 3 children,

2 sons and a daughter.

Jim died on the 24th April, 1986.

Thank you for your service, soldier.

The murder trial-a personal story continues

Last August I posted the story about a connection to a murder trial in New South Wales.

The trial is now under way, and evidence is mounting up regarding the accused’s role in the death of our godparents son and grandson.

I was looking through photos for something else yesterday, and came across these three, taken in 1962, 1964 and 1966“Pandora” 1962 Maree, Catherine front, Michelle being held by Colleen

“Pandora” and inscribed by my Mum APRIL 1964.My youngest brother was born in late March, 1964, so this was 2 of the 4 kids who stayed at “Pandora” while Mum was recuperating for the 2 weeks that was expected after childbirth in that era. Maree and I looking very happy and well cared for, hair all prettied up and best clothes on! I think Mrs Dunbar would have liked a daughter in her own family.

“Pandora” 1966/or 1967, with Edwin now 2 or 3 years old- the 5 of us did not have television at home for very long before this hence the fascination seen on all our faces.

We moved to West Australia in 1968, ending the bond between families.

Yorkshire at last!

The hamlet of Roydhouse in the West Riding of Yorkshire consists of a few

farms and a pub.

A hamlet is defined as a small settlement, generally one smaller than a

village, and strictly one without a church.

To start the investigation of the assorted Roydhouse families throughout

Yorkshire, I first decided to follow the theory that the surname may have

originated from that area of the West Riding.


3 Acres  Inn, Roydhouse, Shelley, Yorkshire.

The closest ancient church is All Hallows Parish Church in Kirkburton, about 2 miles away.

Kirkburton Church is dedicated to All Hallows. It was built in 1190, and is now classified as a Grade I listed building. Most of the structure is 13th century although parts have been rebuilt. The tower was added in the 15th century. Inside the church is a late-medieval nave ceiling, large wooden pulpit, stone font and Elizabethan and Jacobean pews. A small window in the chancel may have opened from the cell of a hermit.

A restored 10th century stone crucifix can be found inside, supporting the belief that another church or Christian settlement may have existed on this site. The church has undergone extensive restoration.

The church records mostly show burials appear from the early 1800’s, though a few survive and are legible from the 1700’s. No Roydhouse (or other variant) burial is recorded, however this does not mean there were none. Over the centuries churchyards can become overgrown, run-down, stones become impossible to read and even broken, and old church records lost due to fire, flood, or war.

Going further  back in time I discovered the accepted meaning of the name, Roydhouse.

ROYD (Scandinavian.) Dweller at a forest-clearing

ROYDHOUSE (Scandinavian.) Dweller at the Clearing-House.

The Domesday Book of 1086 showed that much of the woodland of Britain was still intact. It was a very detailed survey of land held throughout William the Conqueror’s Britain and designed to gather taxes and revenue.In the north, and Yorkshire in particular, the land clearance was the work of the Scandinavians who first settled from A.D 867 in the Danelaw region.


My DNA test kit revealed a 25% Scandinavian heritage.

I knew I identified with Hagar and Helga!!



A personal story- Less than 6 degrees of separation-Walcha murder

Until the age of 12, I lived in Armidale in New South Wales.
I was 8 when my baby brother was born, and my parents decided to christen the five of us in one ceremony when he was about 6 months old.
Mum selected the three girls a lovely short sleeve top and pleated skirt outfit – apricot for me, mauve for Maree and aqua for Michelle. Gloves and hats completed the outfits.

L-R Back
Dad holding Edwin, Mum
L-R Front
Self, age 8, Shell, age 4, Geoff, age 6 and Maree age 7

We also needed godparents, 5 sets to be found!

My godfather was John Dunbar, a farmer’s son from Walcha about 65 kms away from our home, my Dad was crop dusting around that way regularly and knew the Dunbar family well.
I remember staying with the family when Mum had our baby brother. At the time Alma and Alex seemed old, but their son John was about 20 so I guess they were in the 45-50 age range.
Their property was called Pandora, and I loved playing in the rooms out the side of the house, filled with treasures from other times- crocheted milk jug covers with beads, old tea-sets, doilies, velvet chaise lounge- fantastic play area!.

I noticed a few years ago my sister had connected with John’s adopted son Mathew on Facebook.
I had talked about Pandora and the Dunbars to Gordon and in 2017 he read me out the news that Mathew had probably been murdered by his girlfriend Natasha. It looks like the main trial is being set for June next year.
Some news stories, copy and paste the links- the bottom one is the most current.

Jan 2019:

Nov 2019:

Remembrance Day

On  Remembrance Day 2018 I would like to show my appreciation of my ancestors during conflicts around the world and across the ages. Some volunteered, some were conscripted, some trained but did not  leave for war, all were ready, some gave all.

Civil War

Henry Roydhouse

Trent Affair, Canada

James Walter Smart

Boer War

Francis William Roydhouse

World War One

Albert Henry Kingsbury 1883- 1918, Cairo Egypt




John Charles Roydhouse

Reginald Walter Roydhouse

Sydney John Roydhouse

Thomas Roydhouse

Charles Walter Maxton

Ronald Ian Maxton

Korean War

William Myers

World War Two

Donald Jack Roydhouse

Peter Booth Roydhouse

Alan Roydhouse

Bernard Richard William Roydhouse

Noel Herbert Roydhouse

William John Roydhouse

Cedric Roydhouse

Donald Roydhouse

Frank Roydhouse

Rupert Roydhouse

Jeffrey Arthur Roydhouse

Garth Sutherland Roydhouse


  • This list is not comprehensive, many names are yet to be checked against Nominal Rolls and other sources.