George William Roydhouse USA

George William Roydhouse was born on the 8th March 1846 to parents Matthew and Elizabeth in Mount Holly, Burlington, New Jersey.

He was the first son and third child, with older sisters Rebecca and Janet.

He was a young child when both his parents died, his father  died in 1851 when George was just 5 years old.

He married Ida Virginia McPherson in 1880.

They had three children:

Ethel Mae 1881-1940

Florence 1882-1925

Howard McPherson 1884-1955

George worked as a brick-layer , then became a contractor/architect  of some note- earning him a place in a Notable Philadelphian’s article.

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Roydhouse Bridge is a covered bridge in Oneida County which crosses Beaver Creek which is named after the builder.

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Other projects, including 2 Railway Stations for Pennsylvania Railroad:

Project Type Location
Baldwin Locomotive Works Office Building
Client: Baldwin Locomotive Works
office building Broad St and Spring St
Charles W. Porter & Co. Office Building
Client: Charles W. Porter & Co.
office building Norris St.
E. K. Janney & Co. Factory
Client: E. K. Janney & Co.
factory Van Kirk  St
Frishmuth Bros. & Co. Factories
Client: Frishmuth Bros. & Co.
factory 17th St
Harrington Machine Shop factory 1640-1666 Callowhill  St
Inquirer Building; The Elverson Building
Client: Philadelphia Inquirer
400-440 N Broad St
North Philadelphia Station; Germantown Junction Station
Client: Pennsylvania Railroad
train station 2900 N Broad  St
Pennsylvania Railroad Co., Office Building; ING Direct; Pennsylvania Building
Client: Pennsylvania Railroad Co.
office building Delaware
Pennsylvania Railroad East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Train Station train station Pittsburgh City, Allegheny County


Germanton Junction station opened in the 1870s and was known as New York Junction and Germantown Junction. A new station, which ushered in the Beaux-Arts style for large train stations, was built from 1896 to 1901 with the architect G.W.Roydhouse.

After a 1912–1915 enlargement, it was renamed as North Philadelphia. Despite several other renovations, its use declined in the mid and late 20th century; in 1991, Amtrak constructed a smaller replacement station across the tracks. The building was renovated once more in 1999 and is now used as commercial space.

Germanton Junction Railway Station-google image

Ida Roydhouse died in 1911, and a year later George married Annie Jenkins Kemp Ridgely.

At some stage he divorced Annie.

He was 88 years of age when he died at Hahnemann Hospital on the 10th  November 1934.

Ancestry file

Matthew John Roydhouse

Matthew John Roydhouse was born in the December of 1814 in Routh, Yorkshire to parents John and Frances.
He travelled to New Jersey sometime between 1815 and 1818 with his parents and brother John.
His sister Lydia was born in Burlington, New Jersey in 1818.Other siblings were Sarah, Mary, Joseph and Thomas.
He married Elizabeth Bernice Johnson on the 26th December 1841, In Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey.
Their children were:
Rebecca Anne 1841
Janet 1844-1850
George William 1846
Henry C. 1848
Elizabeth seems to have died around the time of Henry’s birth.
Matthew died on the 26th February, 1851, aged 37.
I am yet to find any trace of his children in the 1850 or 1860 census , but Matthew is recorded as living with his brother Joseph and family, along with brother John and sister Lydia Wood, but there is no trace of her husband and children at this time.
Interestingly, living very close by is another group of older Roydhouse children.
They seem to be taken care of by a George and Berenice Hartman, and range in age from 15 down to 7 months. More research is needed to unravel this family and their connections to other Roydhouse families in the same area, if any.

Burlington is on the Delaware River, about 110 kms from New York. The Delaware is the natural border between Philadelphia and New Jersey.
It is a small county, even today only about 10.000 people live here.

Set sail for America..John Roydhouse 1785-1851

Several Roydhouse families live in the United States.
The earliest I have found is a John Roydhouse, who was born in Leeds, Yorkshire. His baptism is recorded at St Peters Church on the 13th of March 1785.

A church at Ledes is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 although it is likely that there had been a church on the same site for much longer, as evidenced by the fragments of Anglo-Scandinavian stone crosses (known as the Leeds Cross) found on the site during the construction of the current church. St Peters church was rebuilt twice, after a fire in the 14th century, and again in the 19th century.

His parents were Matthew, who died when John was 7 years old, and Rebecca nee Richardson who died 4 years later in 1796.
No clue exists of who looked after John and sister Elizabeth, the next official record is his marriage to Frances Parkinson in Beverley, Yorkshire on the 30th March 1814.
Matthew was born in December that year, and John in 1815, the family was living in Routh, Yorkshire at the time.
Sometime between 1815 and 1818 the family migrated to Burlington, New Jersey.
Lydia A 1818-1889
Sarah B 1820-1914
Joseph 1822-1853
Mary 1825-1852
The early census of 1830 and 1840  records his family in age groups, with only the head of the household named.

Thomas N 1832-1860

Frances died in 1846, and John died on the 15th November 1851 in Bordentown, Burlington County, New Jersey.
He was recorded as a farmer.

Mary Emma Collin(g)s Roydhouse

Mary Emma Collin(g)s was born on the 11th February 1837 and baptised on the 25th September 1838 at the St Marys church in Bryanstone Square, London.
She also attended the St Pauls school at age 7 from July 1844 , and is recorded as “ leaving for the Winter”.
She then seems to disappear from official records, including the 1851 and 1861 census until her death by drowning in the Thames off Battersea which was recorded a few months after her sister Alice’s wedding in 1866.
Her will had a sole executrix in Elizabeth Deane, a spinster from Anglesea in Wales. Her estate was valued at under 200 pounds.

She was 29 at her death.

London to Llys Dulas- 5 hours


5 Pont Street

12 Brook Street

Jane Roydhouse

The daughter of William C and Elizabeth, Jane was born on the 15th March, 1839 at 32 Queen Street. Her baptism was performed on September the 15th that year at St Mary, Bryanstone Square, Westminster.
In the 1841 census she has 2 brothers and one sister. and the family share number 5 Exeter Place, Chelsea with the Shergold family.
Jane attended St Paul’s School in 1848, commencing on May 8th and being suspended for “ill-health” in the November. Her family by this time lived at 27 North Street.
By 1861 Jane was working as a cook at the home of Baronet Thomas Colebrook, a widower and his two young daughters Margaret,3, and Helen,1.
In 1871 Jane was known as the wife of Charles Irons, although I have not found a marriage recorded for them between 1855 and 1871.
Charles was a dock hand in this census, but by 1881 he was recorded as a porter. They lived their married life in Plaistow, West Ham at 7 Upper Road.
Charles died in 1885 aged 44.
Jane remarried widower John Whybrow in Chelsea on the 21st February 1886 at Saint Simons Church. Her sister Alice was a witness.
In 1891 Charles the son of John is 11 years of age and resides with them in West Ham. John is 37 and Jane 50.
Jane most likely died the following year aged 52 in West Ham.

Alice Roydhouse

Alice Roydhouse was born in 1851 in Chelsea, youngest daughter of William Collings Roydhouse and Elizabeth.
At age 10, in 1861 she was a scholar living at 30 Shepherd Street, Westminster in a house with 3 families.
She was living with her widowed mother and older sister at 44 Lupus Street in Belgrave by 1871.
All three were employed in making clothing with Alice and Sarah being sewing machinists.
By 1881, the women had moved to St. George Hanover Square and their mother was no longer employed, the two younger women were noted as Saleswomen of sewing machines.
Alice married William James Kemp in 1890 in Marylebone. She was almost 40 years of age, he 27.
In the next year’s census William and Alice lived at 28 Thornbury Road Battersea, with sister Sarah living with them.
Francis William Kemp was born in July 1891, and was the only child of the marriage.
In 1901 their home was at 25 Beauchamp Place, Brompton. William was a clerk at the Education Board.
Francis worked as a hosier in 1911.
Francis married Dorothy Rachel Godwin in 1920.
They had:
1.Margaret b 1922
2. Mary D.F. 1924
3. Pearl 1927
4.John F.W. 1931
5. Janet S. 1934.
Alice died in February 1931, and William in 1935.
Francis lived in Suffolk aged 75 when his death was recorded, Dorothy was 94 when she died in 1986.

George Henry Roydhouse

George was born in 1841 in Chelsea to William Collin(g)s Roydhouse and Elizabeth nee Hayward.
In 1861 he was a saddler,and living at home.
He married Caroline E. Bonnick who was born in 1840, and died in Dartford, Kent in 1910 .
Caroline’s father was a coach maker and her mothers name was Mary.
George and Caroline married on the 23rd June 1861 at St Marylebone, Westminster.
The couple had many children who did not survive their early childhood:
Rachel born July 1861-died July 1862
Caroline Mary born September 1862 died on the 15th September 1865 aged 3.
Mary born Oct. 1863 and died 1910 married Thomas James Press and had 3 daughters and 4 sons.
The family lived at 13 Elizabeth Street in 1863 when Mary was christened.
Emily 1865-1865 born April died October 1 month after Caroline 6 months old
Sarah born January 1867-died July 1868
Kate Elizabeth born July 1869-died Jan 1872
William Collins born 1871-married Alice Annie Cheverall 2 daughters 1 son died 1916
George Henry born1872-died 1906
Elizabeth E born 1874 blind from birth (1891 census)
Caroline Esther was born in 1875 and died in 1958. She married Edward Branson 1894 3 daughters, 1 son, 2 unknown.
John Charles 1876-married Ada Emily Knighton 1 son 1 daughter
1881 the family were living at 19 Warsill Road Battersea
George Henry Roydhouse died on the 20 January,1883 aged 42.

William Collings Roydhouse 1813-1861

Thomas and Mary ( nee Collings) first child was a son, William Collings Roydhouse.
He was born in 1813 and baptised on the 9th November at St Mary-le-Bone, Westminster.
He married Elizabeth Hayward from St Georges Cliot, Devon on the 12th of May 1833 at St George Hanover Square.
In the census of 1841 William was recorded as a saddler living in Chelsea, and his family included :
1.Charles Potter, 6 ( see link)
2.Mary Emma Collins , 4, drowned in the river Thames 15th July 1866.
3.Jane,2 married Charles Irons, John Whybrow 1886
4.Unnamed male, 3 months (George Henry)
5.Caroline, born 1843-1848
6.Elizabeth, born January 1845, married William Clark 1866
7.In 1847 a son William was born, sadly he died aged 2 in 1849 with Hydrocephalus

The term “hydrocephalus” is derived from two Greek words: hydro (water) and kephale (head). Hydrocephalus is still sometimes referred to as “water on the brain.” Hydrocephalus is a condition in which an excess of cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in the cavities of the brain known as “ventricles.”
Under normal conditions, a delicate balance exists between the production, circulation, and absorption levels of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain’s ventricles.
In infants and toddlers, the bones of the skull are not yet closed, and hydrocephalus may be obvious. The child’s head will enlarge, and the fontanel (soft spot) may be tense and/or bulging. The skin may appear thin and shiny, and the veins of the scalp may appear full or engorged.
Symptoms may include: vomiting, poor feeding, listlessness, irritability, constant downward gaze of the eyes & occasional seizures.

8.Sarah, born 1849
9.Alice born 1851 married William Kemp

William Roydhouse died at 30 Shepherd Street, Saint George Hanover Square on the tenth of June, 1861, of rheumatic fever and pneumonia. He was 47.

Going back to Yorkshire-the Chelsea mob

The Chelsea Roydhouse documented story began in Whitby, Yorkshire when John Roydhouse

married Mary Lyth in 1786.

John seems to be from elsewhere, but Mary was born in Whitby in 1764. Her parents were William

and Elizabeth nee King.

There is a John born to parents Thomas and Alice in 1761, in Hornsea, Yorkshire about 55 miles from Whitby.

John and Mary had a son, Thomas in Whitby in 1791.

I have not found any other family as yet.

Thomas Roydhouse married Mary Collings/Collins.

1.William Collings Roydhouse, born 1813 and baptized in St. Mary-le-bone.

2.Henry born 1813 St Georges Hanover

3.Emma born 1818 St Marylebone

4.Thomas born 1819/1820 see blog link:

5.Benjamin Lyth Roydhouse born 1824 St. Georges Hanover.

Thomas was recorded as a journeyman saddler in census 1851,1861 and harness maker in 1871, when he was recorded as living with his son Thomas and family.

He was 83 years old at his death in Chelsea in 1874, his wife Mary had predeceased him in 1861.

Douglas Roydhouse

Douglas Roydhouse was the only son of Benjamin and Ellen. He was born in Leyton, Essex on the

5th of November 1887.

In 1911 he was 23, and working as an engineers clerk.

He served as a private in the 22nd Battalion ( The Queen’s) London regiment.

He seems to have lived with his parents until his marriage on the 11th of September 1920 to Olive

Augusta Esther Impey at Holy Trinity, Richmond, Surrey.

In 1939 his occupation was still a civil engineers clerk .

He, Olive, their 15 year old son Keith, and his widowed mother-in-law Sarah Impey were all

living in Sandringham Ave, Merton & Morden UD.

He was buried at St Marys, Merton on the 25th January 1967 aged 79.

(Douglas and Olive wedding day 1920. His father Benjamin on the right.Ancestry tree)